Left Politics in Punjab

Link to the Tribune article. Sunday 2016-September-25

Teja Singh Sutantar & Baba Gurmukh Singh in 1946.


Big communist names from Punjab:

  • Harkishan Singh Surjeet
  • Prof Randhir Singh
  • Satpal Dang
  • Vimla Dang

Non-religious, hence anti-Khalistan.  First-generation communist leadership, including the Ghadris and people such as Sohan Singh Josh, Teja Singh Sutantar, was the product of Sikh politics, the communists’ total divorce from religion became a reason of their failure

Failed to extend its mass appeal beyond the Sikh peasantry.

Green Revolution brought some new challenges which they couldn’t properly identify. This was followed by Sikh militancy, in which Communists lost a large cadre. Another jolt came in the 1980s and ’90s when BSP emerged and Left’s class base shifted to caste politics.

The situation is such that in the last Lok Sabha elections, the Left was even defeated by NOTA. In the last assembly elections they couldn’t save their deposit on even a single assembly seat.

The Naxalite movement influenced lots of ideas and poetry.

  • Avtar Pash
  • Surjit Patar
  • Lal Singh Dil
  • Gursharan Singh theater guy
  • Novelist Gurdial Singh
  • Darshan Khatkar, poet

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