AIIMS Report on Drug Use in Punjab

Here is the (summary of) AIIMS Report on Drug Use in Punjab

Click to access Punjab_AIIMS_Report.pdf

Main findings:

  1. Number of opioid users is about 8.6 lakh. This is 3.1% of the population, as opposed to the ridiculous 70% thrown around by Rahul Gandhi and random journalists.
  2. Percentage of “youth” (18-35 years old) who are opioid users: 15 percent.
  3. So what in the world was the 70% number? It is approximately the number of opioid users who are in the youth category (18-35 years old).
  4. Money spent on opioids by users: Rs 20 crore per day.

    I hate to spell this out, but all journalists reporting on this issue, remember this: The percentage of drug users who are “youth” is NOT the same thing as the percentage of “youth” who are drug users.


About Raghu Mahajan

Postdoctoral research fellow in theoretical physics, studying quantum gravity.
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